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'Crash and burn'

Students are suffering from stress and anxiety owing to the pressures of housing costs, a survey has suggested. more

Which haircuts have been banned from schools?

The "McDonalds" haircut was banned in a Norfolk school - but it's not the first cut to cause controversy. more

University strike: Pension plan could be reversed, say bosses

Employers' group says it is open to new ideas as a strike at 57 universities continues for a second day. more

Principal's harassment ordeal by pupil's parent

A head teacher speaks out after pupils' father is sentenced for a 14-month campaign of harassment. more

Emotions run high on university pickets

Tears and anger on the picket lines as staff begin a strike at 64 universities across England. more

University strikes: What do students think?

As university staff start a 14-day strike across 64 universities, we ask four students how they feel. more

'Fat cat' academy bosses face challenge over pay

The bosses of large academy chains of schools are going to be challenged if their pay is over £150,000. more

Feb 22, Parentintg styles: A guide for the science-minded

What's your parenting style? Can you combine more than one style? And does it really make a difference? Here's an up-to-date look at the evidence. more

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy bans 'McDonald's' hairstyle

Boys with six styles deemed "extreme" will be put into isolation or sent home, the academy warns. more

Universities braced for 14 days of strikes over pensions

Lecturers at 64 universities walk out over changes they say could halve their retirement income. more