Feedback from parents

“My daughter who is now 7 attended Paintpots Hartford from the age of 6 months. What I loved about the nursery that no other nursery had that I visited, was its instant warmth. You want to know your children are happy and safe, and be assured the staff are amazing and just look at how happy the children are. My 4 year old now attends the nursery and absolutely loves, and the fact that many of the staff are still there after 7 years speaks volumes. Thank you!”
Anna Dalziel
“We are very happy with the nursery, loved it as soon as we were shown round. My daughter thrives in each room she goes in and she is so happy there which make my decision to be a working Mum a lot easier. I’ll be putting my next babies name down as soon as they are born. The food always smells lovely when drop her off and she always eats everything. She always has so much to tell me about what shes been doing in the day. All the staff are lovely, friendly and helpful.”
Jessica's mum
“My son has been here since he was 6 months old he is now nearly 4. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hartford Old School house to anyone, the warm friendly atmosphere and very happy children are a credit to all the staff! He always comes home full of tales of the day and has gained such confidence in his time here. Never easy as a Mummy to go back to work, but this has been made so much better with the help of all the wonderful staff and excellent Nursery thankyou”
Sara Driver
“Henry started in the baby room with Fiona from 6 months old and stayed up until he left Pre school to started School. He was very well cared for from day one and as he was there full time this was very important to us as parents. My daughter is also now in the baby room with Fiona and Amy and again we are extremely please with the care she gets. The standards at the nursery are very high across the board, from care and education through to the meals that the children eat and standards of cleanliness. Low turnover of staff means that Henry saw the same faces every day so really a home from home. The daily activities are extremely well planned and the children have fun but also learn a great deal. This nursery comes highly recommended.”
“There was no contest in choosing the nursery/preschool for our daughter. Paintpots Hartford Old School felt right from the minute we walked through the door. Mo shown us around each of the rooms, ranging from the baby room, through to preschool and explained how it was run, as well as detailing the EYFS. The staff are fantastic and are always willing to discuss your child’s progress or ways to meet their needs. We have never doubted our daughters happiness within their care. Would and have recommended this nursery to parents looking into child care.”
“I am a parent who has used this day nursery since 2007 and have always been extremely happy with the care provided over the years from the baby room through to preschool. Both of my children have been nurtured and allowed to grow here and I feel that the nursery adapts well and cares about the individual needs of the children. The average age of the carers is higher than normal (in my opinion), which gives a good mix of experience and enthusiasm. I would whole heartedly recommend this setting to any parent and I have :-)”
Paula A
“Chose Hartford Old School House after a friend’s 2 children attended there a few years ago. I also looked on this site and her comments were echoed in what I read. Hartford is odd in that there is a plethora of Nursery options for such a small area, but having looked around, there wasn’t even any decision to be made, it was the Old School by a country mile. On the day I was shown round by Mo, children were in the Veg patch unearthing what looked like turnips (I’m not green-fingered so I am probably wrong), other older ones were playing on a large outdoor climbing frame with 2 and 3 year olds running around in the main area. I appreciate the sun shining makes everything look better, but it was just where I could see my daughter exploring and making friends. All the staff wanted to speak to me and explain what their room did, it was fab. Now that she’s started, it’s every bit as good as I hoped and I get daily alerts on Facebook and Twitter telling and showing me what the children are up to, which considering we cannot use personal email at work, just is an added layer of reassurance that all is well. I am glad that they now ave an after-schools club now as it means in 18 months or so, that’s one less thing for me to have to worry about, Thanks Guys!!”
Happy Mummy
“An absolutely fantastic nursery! I was a little sad when my daughter had to start nursery at 3 months old as I had to return to work early, but looking back it really has been the best thing for her. Almost straight away, she has always been so excited to go to nursery – her face lights up when she sees her key worker and her friends, she eats like a horse, she tells me stories (long ones), sings (nursery rhymes, Rihanna & Taylor Swift!), dances, makes me be a doctor/bear/Tinkerbell (with wings!)/captain gut/diego the sabre tooth tiger, shows me her cake/picture/hat that she’s made, tells me to wash my hands/say thank you/be kind…etc. She’s been in pre-school 1 week and has just learned to write her name 🙂 What they pack into a day makes the mind boggle! Her social skills are amazing and she is an incredibly confident and outgoing little spark – I have no doubt that Hartford nursery and all it’s staff can take a large chunk of credit for the lovely, well-rounded child that she’s become. At the end of the day, if sadly I can’t be looking after her, entertaining her and teaching her myself, it’s fantastic to know that she’s so happy, stimulated and having so much fun when she goes to nursery. What more could a parent want?!

“My son attended this nursery/preschool for 4 years. He has been very well cared for from day one. The standards are very high across the board, from care and education through to the meals that the children eat and standards of cleanliness. The nursery doesn’t have a high turnover of staff which means that the children see the same faces. My son has developed and learned so much here. The staff not only help with the practical things weaning, potty training etc (& give advice to struggling parents!) they have also taught my son numbers, the alphabet, how to write his name, the calendar – he can even count to ten in French! He’s also had a lot of fun playing, painting, baking, story telling and all the other activities that they do here. Overall an excellent establishment that cares and develops children so that they are ready for school. We are going to miss it!”
Ed B's mum
“When we moved into the area we were concerned about moving our little boy from his previous nursery to a new one. But he settled in brilliantly due to the caring staff and the activities they provide. He absolutely loves going to Old School Nursery and gets extremely excited every Sunday about going. His sister also now attends so we have had excellent experiences of most of the rooms from the baby room to pre-school. Would fully recommend.”
Fin and Anya's Dad
“Our son enjoyed a wonderful 4 + years at the nursery. From his first day in the baby room he was well cared for by the wonderful staff – many of whom are longs standing members of staff. Matty joined the nursery at the age of 4 months old and I was obviously very nervous about leaving him, but from day one I was reassured that he was in safe and secure environment. The staff have helped to nurture Matty and prepare him well for school. We will miss the nursery and its wonderful staff and would have not hesitation in recommending it as the first choice nursery!”
Matty's mum
“Excellent nursery, I trust the staff and I am a happy mum back at work full time whilst my toddler loves going into nursery and has come on leaps and bounds since attending Old School House. The food is all healthy and freshly made, the building is an old school so made for kiddies with plenty of outdoor space/activity. The activities provided are high standard and the long serving staff with good strong values are doing a brilliant job. Happy mum & toddler”
“I am delighted with this nursery. It has such a wonderful atmosphere. The staff are fantastic and look after my little boy so well offering fun and educational activities in a nurturing environment. I would really recommend a visit to the nursery as you will get the same good feeling about the place that I did.”
Harry's mummy
“I have used Paintpots Hartford for a total of six years with both my children attending from age 1-4. My son had a good grounding for school and now my daughter, about to start in September, has had the foundation she needs. The staff are friendly and professional and create a safe and happy atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it to other parents. The nursery is in a good location for people who commute in and out of the area.”
Long term parent
“A very good atmosphere and positive learning environment, the staff are friendly and professional, a chef is employed to provide varied and healthy meals, there is good outdoor space & facilities for outdoor play. The building is well layed out for separate age groups and provides learning environments appropriate to the different developmental stages. Our child continues to thrive and develop at this nursery.”
Elton Watson
“Thank you for the care you have all given to Gabriella in the past year. She has had a great time in prep school and has grown in confidence. I am sure this experience will mean she settles into school very quickly.”
Sue & Gabriella
“I would highly recommend Paintpots Hartford. Having sent my first child there I had no doubt when sending my second child. The staff are friendly and professional. The food goes down very well and the general atmopsphere is calm but stimulating for children’s development.”
Happy parent
“Tom has thrived in your caring & nuturing environment and made life long friendships with children & staff. When we left him in your care at 7.5 months we had no idea he’d turn into the confident, happy & occasionally cheeky little boy he is now. Thank you for all your time, love and hard work!”
Susie, Dave, Tom & Martha
“Katie is starting Hartford Primary School as a young, confident & excited little girl and it’s all thanks to you. She is starting school with the ability to write her name, count to 20, count to 15 in French, write up to 8 in numbers, enjoy reading stories by looking at pictures and has learnt to be attentive which will all help her in her new school.”
Lynn & Rob Stenhouse
“We would like to say a  huge thankyou for the care & education you have given Joshua throughout his time with you. He has loved every minute & we have been totally confident in his well being right from the start. The staff are a credit to child care and I have and will continue to recommend the nursery to anyone needing outstanding quality child care.”
Mike, Cheryl, Rebekah & Joshua
“We would like to thank all of the staff for caring for Sophie for the last three and a half years. Sophie has had a wonderful & fulfilling time at nursery and will be sad to leave, but she has many great memories to take with her & cherish.”
“Just to say a big ‘thank you’ to you all for looking after James with such warmth & enthusiasm. He has really loved his time with you, especially the cuddles from Mo!”
Debbie, Mark & James
“Thank you for looking fter Sam so well over the past 18 months. I’m sure he’ll miss you all! “
Carolyn & Jonathan Annet
“To the wonderful Green room. Thank you for looking after us. We have had a fab time in the green room and are really sad to leave.”
Alex & Max
“Just to say a huge thank you for all the loving care & attention you have shown Tom. He has loved his time with you and will really miss you! It has been a real comfort to know that Tom has been so happy with you, especially through the recent changes in his life (new sister, house etc.)”
Dave, Tom, Susie & Martha
“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our little girl, Caitlin, from 8 months old to now, almost 3. Take care of yourselves until the next baby arrives when we come to introduce the new arrival and register their place. Thanks again for everything.”
Clare, Darren & Caitlin
“To all the staff who have helped Sidney settle in. Thank you for making it easier than anticipated to leave my precious boy. To know he is happy & safe is a huge weight off my mind, I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of him.”